What We Do

Officer Unity

HOPE4BLUE is a National Nonprofit that raises funds to support every police officer and every police agency in America. Our Board of Directors focus on the 4 missions of HOPE4BLUE:

  • Involve all Faith-Based leaders & Churches in HOPE4BLUE
  • Provide advanced officer training nationally
  • Purchase advanced policing equipment (efficiency/safety)
  • Support “Critically Injured” police officers who cannot return to work AND provide “Line of Duty Death” (LODD) benefits

Mission & Vision


“BLUE”: Backing Law enforcement Unites Everyone.

Providing Hope for every law enforcement officer so they can effectively serve our communities while receiving better training, equipment, technology and benefits to keep them safe and protected in their careers.


“Now is the time to support ALL of law enforcement on a national level. Hope4Blue will stand up for the men & women who so courageously protect us and keep our families safe…It is time to give them Hope and show them they are supported.”


As HOPE4BLUE grows within the United States, we will have significant volunteer opportunities throughout our country. We will also encourage our Faith-based leaders to actively grow their volunteer pool to support our mission.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please complete our “contact us” form and we will begin collecting a list of volunteers, per region, to assist in growing our mission and supporting police officers.

Recent Programs

We released our Website in early 2016 and could use your support in spreading the word about HOPE4BLUE across America! When we reach certain fundraising levels, we can greatly improve benefits for police officers as well as police agencies!