Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and become part of the positive changes needed today in our Country.

  • Churches: We are looking for entire Churches, all Faiths, to motivate their members to get to our website and “Sponsor” a particular police officer.  Many Churches have a desire to motivate their entire congregation to get involved and we love that!  The Faith-leaders will be our strongest supporters and those that will be needed to help build stronger partnerships, trusted relationships, and generate more support for the police officers serving in your communities.  We want to increase the Unity within our cities and it all starts with you!
  • Businesses: We rely 100% on donations to accomplish our Missions.  Since our goal is to cover EVERY police officer in America, we need more businesses, companies, and Corporations to get involved.  By supporting HOPE4BLUE and becoming a Corporate Sponsor, we will request you send us your logo/brand so we can post your support for our police officers and their friends & family to see.
  • Citizens: We encourage you to look at the list of police officer needing a Sponsor and support them today!  In just a couple of minutes, you can bring HOPE to a police officer serving in your community!  We can also use you as a force multiplier and share our website, Facebook page, and Twitter account on ALL of your social media platforms.

Sponsor an Officer