Our Mission

Our goal is simple, UNITY: 

By working with our Faith Leaders across the U.S., we can begin building Unity in areas where police & community relationships are strained.  These communities trust their Faith Leaders and by partnering with them, we can begin to rebuild these needed and valuable partnerships!

Our missions are focused on HOPE:

Our Police Officers serving today are in need of support from all areas of our nation.  They need better equipment, more advanced training, and technology to serve their residents in a more effective and efficient manner.  We can give them HOPE by providing those valuable items that are not offered or covered in an ever-shrinking budget.

We strive to complete these four (4) basic Missions:

  1. Involve Faith-based Leaders & Churches in HOPE4BLUE
  2. Offer advanced training nationally to our Members and *qualifying Departments (*Board approval required)
  3. Purchase police equipment for Officers (efficiency/safety)
  4. Replace Police K-9’s killed in the line of duty

With your help, your support, and your prayers… we can positively impact our Country!

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