“We’re on a mission from God…” (The Blues Brothers, 1980)
October 27, 2016
President Trump: We stand with you to support Police!
January 23, 2017

There are troubling headlines every day involving our Police Officers. There are groups and organizations that are very “anti-Police” and they are gaining in popularity and have millions of dollars in donations. You see them protesting, rioting, and threatening our Police Officers. We need to drastically increase our support for Police immediately. How?…Become a BLUE-Backer! This is how you can really ‘Back the Blue’ and, at the same time, give them valuable Membership Benefits from HOPE4BLUE.

We know there are millions of Americans that support our police officers. We see these supportive citizens when we face the challenges within the profession, when an Officer is critically injured, and unfortunately when there is a line of duty death. We get asked from thousands of supporters, “what more can I do?” every day to show support for our Police Officers? Well…here is your chance!

ONE act, TWO minutes, SEVEN cents per day, and HOPE forever! Become a “BLUE-backer”! You will show our Police Officers how much they are respected by supporting them personally within our Mission! They will receive benefits, support, prayers will be sent, and their spirits will be lifted! They will know a member of their community supports them and they will tell other Officers. This is HOPE in action and will raise morale and improve their spiritual well-being.

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify the specific Police Officer you want to support
  • Get their full name and agency
  • Go to our “Donate Now” page.
  • Enter this information with a MONTHLY sponsorship selection
  • We will send you sponsorship information and stickers showing your support
  • Tell the Officer YOU supported THEM
  • You will see their spirits lifted immediately!

It is only TWO dollars per month as our minimum donation but if you can afford more, please enter the amount you want to support! Here are the benefits YOUR Officer will receive:

1. YOUR Officer will receive “critical injury” benefits. If they are critically injured on-duty, we coordinate with the Faith community to raise funds and earmark them for YOUR Officer!
2. If they are killed in the line of duty, we will support the family throughout their crisis
3. Their agency will be available for FREE equipment & police technology once they reach a 20% agency membership
4. Your Officer will receive FREE training within their region beginning in March, 2017

Everyone has a special relationship with certain Police Officers in their communities and now you can show them support. This is the perfect gift this Holiday Season as well as the rest of the year! You will truly impact the police profession in a very positive manner!
We published a Blog about this program a few months ago but now is the perfect time to become a BLUE-Backer!

Police Officer’s Spouse & Family Support Challenge!

Now we can make this happen for everyone! Do you have TWO minutes to make this happen? Let’s get thousands of BLUE-Backers signed up this month!

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