The Hope Necklace
September 22, 2016
“We’re on a mission from God…” (The Blues Brothers, 1980)
October 27, 2016

With the horrible headlines we are seeing in Tulsa, Sacramento, and the disturbing riotous images in Charlotte, we need to do all we can to support Police! They are truly the ‘thin blue line’ of safety, security, and comfort in our neighborhoods. But what about that significant group that needs just as much support, like the Police Wives, Mothers, Sisters, and especially those that have a female with the courage to serve as a Police Officer? Here is a Win-Win-Win!

Thanks to a HOPE4BLUE supporter and a true #backtheblue citizen, we are offering a custom-designed necklace created just for the women of law enforcement! This includes those serving as Officers and all of those caring and loving women in our lives that comfort us, praise us, and pray for us! Brenda Rubin McDermott started her own custom jewelry design business near San Diego a few years ago and has a close relationship with HOPE4BLUE. Her company, “Rei of Light Jewelry Designs” has created the “HOPE Necklace”. Not only is this a beautifully designed necklace just for the women in law enforcement BUT, 100% of the net proceeds will be directly donated to HOPE4BLUE! This is truly an example that other small businesses, local companies, and national corporations need to follow!

Not only does the HOPE Necklace raise awareness and funds for supporting police officers but, this beautiful shade of Blue is representative of the entire police profession as well as the peace & calm they bring to our communities! The artistry of the HOPE necklace combines a passion for unique and beautiful jewelry with a desire to bring positive light to others. The Quartz crystal is a powerful stone. It is used for protection and due to its ability to bring clarity it is excellent for harmonizing and balancing one’s environment, dispel negativity and clear away negative energy, it can be used to purify and clarify on the spiritual, mental, and physical planes. They are also very affordable for police officers, their friends, as well as their families!

• Sterling Silver Hope Necklace- $49.99, includes shipping
• Gold Filled Hope Necklace – $59.99, includes shipping

I hope you will take a few minutes and purchase one of these amazing necklaces for the supportive women of our police officers…and especially those female police officers serving today! You can view the HOPE Necklace here on her website and order securely using PayPal:

Hope Necklace Silver or Gold -Hope 4 Blue Charity

About the Designer:
Brenda McDermott, Owner of Rei of Light Jewelry believes her work is so much more than simply making jewelry. She truly believes in the healing properties of crystals and gemstones and combined with her passion for creating beautiful and unique designs is how the HOPE necklace came to be. Her jewelry can be appreciated on many levels–from the deep spiritual qualities it imbues all the way to merely catching the eye of the buyer who wants to look their best. It is her hope that each necklace brings joy, positive light and protection to the wearer and that she can infuse a source of healing and positive light into our organization.

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