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September 2, 2016
The Hope Necklace
September 22, 2016

HOPE4BLUE is an IRS approved, 501(c)(3), national nonprofit that supports every police officer in America! In our first mission we engage the support of Faith-based leaders in all of our services. There is only one thing missing…the actual Faith-based leaders!

The goal of HOPE4BLUE is UNITY and our passion is building a national network of HOPE for police officers. When you look at the national headlines today, there is such divisiveness, increasing violence towards police and rising crime rates; everyone in America needs our missions to begin ASAP. However, I need YOU to engage with your Churches, your Pastors, Ministers, Priests…all Faiths are needed to bring the strong voice of calm and divine leadership to support Police and keep our nation truly “United”.

I have contacted many large and small churches in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada since we launched HOPE4BLUE in March to encourage them to meet with me, hear our vision for Unity, and hopefully partner with them to begin building Hope for our cities. To date, I have received only a few meeting requests after mailing over 30 letters to various churches and Faith leaders. However, I will not stop. Getting the Faith-based community as the foundation of our mission is our highest priority. This is where I can use your help.

Many of you reading this Blog are dedicated in your Faith, a strong member of your Church network, and you have the power and potential to get your Church, your congregation, and especially your Faith leaders to begin promoting our Missions and supporting our Police. I will commit this to you and anyone else reading this Blog; if you are successful in getting a meeting established in your Church, I will fly to meet your Senior pastoral staff so we can begin a very successful partnership!

Also, you are welcome to share our website, our social media sites, and any other information or logos to share with your friends, families, and especially your Faith network! Here is why this is SO important at this stage of our plan:

  • I have created a social media platform to launch in January/2017 that will provide the capacity for any and every police officer in America to begin building partnerships and networks of communication with our Churches and Faith leaders.
  • Due to the nature of “police work”, so many police officers become distant with their Church and their Faith. We can change that with technology and that is exactly what I have designed and will launch for our Missions.
  • We have to begin building our network of Churches and Faith leaders NOW so they can become familiar with our Missions and their role in the future of law enforcement.
  • These relationships will bring peace and calm when there are troubling headlines and challenges within our cities…and we need this immediately.

Please help us get connected with Churches in your communities! It will benefit you, it will engage your Church in our Missions, and most of all, it will bring HOPE to police officers! Thank you in advance for these connections and know this…your time and energy will pay huge dividends to the Unity of our Nation. It’s up to us to make this happen…so let’s get it done today! God Bless and be safe!

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