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August 12, 2016
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September 2, 2016

I remember during the Baltimore & Ferguson protests, when the “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement gained national attention, they were marching in public yelling, “Death to Pigs” and “Fry them like bacon”. Please remember this and don’t be fooled by some professionally mastered messages that are attracting politicians. Now add to this the fact that they were just awarded a $100 million dollar grant from the Ford Foundation and has another $30+ million dollar donation from George Soros.

The BLM has met privately with President Obama and Candidate Hillary Clinton. Celebrities and professional sports personalities (I will not call them “heroes”) support them publicly, including Beyonce’s Super Bowl half-time concert and now with the infamous Colin Kaepernick’s disrespectful actions during an NFL pre-season game. What’s next? I can predict this easily…much, MUCH more of the “anti-police” rhetoric, organized violence against police, and politicians caving in to the demands of an organization that is NOT focused on Peace and Unity.

What we will see as a major challenge for the safety and security for our Nation is a dramatic increase in violent crime and crime rates within our cities…especially our urban areas. We have seen crime decreases in our communities because we supported the Police, they had access to federal grants for equipment, budgeted funds for training, and only a few disturbing headlines involving Race and/or use of force. This is simply not the case today. It appears this esteemed profession is being targeted by the mainstream media and many times, the true facts related to policing are not being stated; just feelings and opinions from those that do not like or support the police mission. If we do not have support for police, criminals and agenda-based activist groups will be running your cities! Do you want that?!

In my role as a police consultant, I spend a great deal of time visiting with police agencies across America, hundreds of agencies every year, and I can tell you they are frustrated, they feel threatened and targeted, funding for advanced training has been reduced or eliminated and the majority of cities (almost 90%) do not have access to federal grants. When they make a mistake in judgment, and that mistake happens in literally a millisecond, they are judged for years and possibly fired or charged criminally. Yet…they know there are great people supporting them like you but they are not seeing this support! I will ask you, “what is the name of the ‘pro-Police’ movement that is on the national media circuit supporting Police Officers?” NOTE: There is NOT one and our message is not heard. This is exactly where we can use your help in promoting our message, our missions, and get more financial support ASAP!

At HOPE4BLUE, we are focused on UNITY within our cities and bringing HOPE to our Police Officers. We really need local Company & national Corporate donors to step up so we can launch our missions! We also know there are millions of ‘pro-police’ citizens here in our great country and we need them to step up and support us as well. YOU can help us by asking your friends and family members to support us too.

If a Foundation can give an activist group, with a non-peaceful agenda, millions of dollars, surely we can get a million citizens to pay $2.00/month, right? This is where we need you to take a few minutes and spread our mission. If we do not combine our support for Police and get the great leaders of our nation behind our cause…we will not have a cause to support soon. Police Officers will commit their lives to serving you…will you commit a few minutes to share our mission and get our Donors signed up? We need you now more than ever!

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