A Message From Our Founder
July 8, 2016
Police Officer’s Spouse & Family Support Challenge!
July 25, 2016

Let’s be honest with one another…this is one of the toughest times for police officers we have ever seen!  Let’s do something positive for all of us.

So many of my personal friends, police colleagues, and police supporters are eager to feel better, become healthier, and we all know many of our police officers need more exercise to balance the amount of stress they encounter in their careers. Let’s make our fitness goals fun, competitive, and at the same time, have them support EVERY police officer in America! I’m hoping you will participate…our first event if August 4th. Then on the 4th day of every month, supporting the FOUR missions of HOPE4BLUE, we will hold “Fitness FUNdraisers” to help support our police officers.

Here’s how it works:

  • August 4th is a Thursday so mark it now! You select the exercise you want to participate in and plan on competing on the 4th of August. You can walk, run, bike, or swim…and do it on your own schedule on the day of the 4th.
  • Wear the color BLUE to show your support for law enforcement across the country! Then, as you are completing your exercise goal, take a short video or a selfie of you participating. Post them on your social media accounts. Get more of your friends and families exercising and participating in our Fitness FUNdraiser!
  • Use the hashtag: #hope4blue
  • If you are a police officer, run or walk in your police department t-shirt and we will give them a shout out just for you!
  • Then, AFTER you complete your fitness goal, make a ONE-TIME donation to HOPE4BLUE, giving $1.00 for every mile you completed! My goal is running 5 miles that morning so I will make a one-time donation of $5.00.  I am running 1 mile for every police officer killed in Dallas on July 7th.
  • HOPE4BLUE will monitor the highest contributors for walking, running, cycling, and swimming. After our supporters show proof of their success, the highest participant in EACH category will be recognized each and every month AND, receive special recognition from the Founder of HOPE4BLUE!
  • YOU can make this as fun as you want…and we want it to be a lot of fun! Find a new fitness challenge, go to a scenic or historic backdrop, personalize your photo with friends/family, or you could even complete your fitness goal honoring a police officer AND put their name on the “DONATE NOW” page!
  • We can raise funds for our missions, you can get healthy, and our police officers can see SO much support out there for them! It’s a win-win-win!

We will also track your progress and your success as well. If you complete a new PR (personal record), tell us! We want to congratulate you and your fitness progress!

We know you can’t compete every month but take a few minutes right now, select the months you want to compete, and start your training! Let’s get healthier, show our law enforcement support, and begin building our mission of UNITY and HOPE for our Police! It’s time…

Looking forward to seeing your fitness FUNdraising success! Let’s do this!

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