HOPE4BLUE has a vision of building unity in our cities and providing faith-based support for every police officer in America.  As a national police nonprofit and IRS approved 501(c)(3), HOPE4BLUE operates to lift the morale of our police officers and helping to strengthen police/community relationships through pastoral leadership in the inner-cities of America.  This has been a vision of our Founder, Chief of Police (retired) Jeff Halstead, since 1992.   His youngest son was born the day the “L.A. Riots” started and he remembers thinking, “what kind of country is my son going to live in?”

Throughout his police career, spanning more than 26 years and in 2 major cities in the United States, Chief Halstead desired to create some type of support group for every police officer in America to assist them with needed training, equipment, and benefits.  As he promoted in his career in Phoenix, he discovered there are many great support agencies that provide amazing services to our police professionals.  He wanted to find a way to complement these support agencies and build a national network of support and goodwill for police agencies.

In 2015, when he retired as Chief from the Fort Worth Police Department, he was credited in advancing police technology and being the first major city police agency to implement over 600 “body-worn cameras.”  Seeing the need to assist other police department across the U.S. and the world, he retired and started focusing his efforts on building his police consulting firm, “The Halstead Group, LLC.”  During this year, he visited over 500 police agencies in 6 countries and realized the police profession is drastically behind the advancements of technology.  He specifically saw the need to immediately provide emerging technology (cameras) as well as advanced training to every police officer in America.

Chief Halstead also experienced some significant community issues while Chief in Fort Worth.  However, he discovered that by working with local ministers, pastors, and clergy, they could meet in local churches and advance a common agenda.  When seeing the extreme racial divides occurring within our communities in the past few years, Jeff decided to include the support of Faith-based leaders as well as all churches and religions for HOPE4BLUE.

Lastly, Chief Halstead studied aggressively on how emerging technology can help form his vision of a national nonprofit.  It was a long overseas trip when he had the vision of HOPE4BLUE; using technology to build and maintain a national nonprofit to provide FOUR missions to benefit every police officer in America as well as our communities!  Through his private business, he used his own money and credit to finance everything needed to start HOPE4BLUE.  He also created the vision for the new App that will enhance the experience for every police officer as well as citizens who want to join as ‘supporters’.

The goal is simple:  B.L.U.E.: Backing Law enforcement Unites Everyone.  We need to become ‘united’ in our efforts to make our country better, our communities safer, and truly show our police professionals that WE support THEM.

HOPE4BLUE is led by a 5-member Board of Directors who are passionate about our mission.  Our meetings are open to our Supporters and Donors and are held in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We provide updates on the progress of our strategic plan on our website after our board meetings each quarter.

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