HOPE4BLUE is a national nonprofit that serves every police officer in America.  By clicking below, you will become a ‘Member’ of HOPE4BLUE.  This is FREE for Police Officers.  Becoming a Member gives you the ability to receive a ‘sponsor’, a citizen that supports you and your profession.  You will also be eligible for FREE training across the U.S.  Your Department will be considered for FREE equipment and technology as our donations and financial support increases over time.  By signing up, you are joining our family of HOPE and will begin helping to build positive relationships, increase advanced training for you, and help us keep you safe.


HOPE4BLUE’s mission is:  “Providing financial, technical, and spiritual support for every law enforcement officer in America.”  Only from the generous support of citizens are we able to accomplish these important missions.  Our goal is to build UNITY within our cities and engage our Faith-based leaders to help us increase the effectiveness of these relationships during the challenging times.  Today, more than ever, our police officers need to know there are good supportive citizens that believe in their profession…with your support, we will bring them HOPE!